Embossing For Paper

Latest development by Guarneri Technology is the embossing calender for paper industry. An important aspect of paper production is the embossing, i.e. the process by which the paper passes through a special polyamide GTP6 sleeve roller (NIPCO™ or conventional) and a steel roller with an engraved surface. The strenght and technology typical of the GT embosseing calender, dedicated to paper production, enhances the embossing process andguarantees results characterised by extreme engraving precision thanks to the NIPCO™ roller that perfectly controls the pressure uniformity along the entire width of the rollers. It is possible to control not only the pressure range between the cylinders but also to control the pressure zone by zone with the new Zone Pressure Control HT. Fully automated entry and exit frames, as well as loading and unloading of paper rolls.


  • Pressure up to 300 N/mm.
  • Speed up to 400 mt/min.
  • Fast embassed sleeve change